Typical’s new digs

So, i’ve finally caved (blogger’s shut down yesterday helped) and i’ve decided to move my blog over here to Word Press.  Gimme a few days to get settled in and i promise something snarky and well worth your time when i get unpacked.  Until then, enjoy…

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7 thoughts on “Typical’s new digs

  1. Sweet! You moved to WordPress. 😀 Not that I think it’s better or anything. Just easier to follow other blogs that are on here. 😀

    • i actually do think it’s better. I can put both of my blogs here without having to switch back and forth between google accounts with different eamils, yada yada yada. But it IS gonna take me a while to get used to it over here…

  2. There’s no “subscribe” option 😦

    • all i can find right now is a “subscribe by email” link–which i’ve posted. But if you mean a “hey these people follow me” thingy–i see nothing like that around here. But i’m still getting to know my way around.

      You can still just copy my addy and add it directly to google reader.

    • there’s also a subscribe to blog via the comment page–but you’re prolly better off just copying me into google reader. That’s what i do with all the WP blogs i follow so that they’re all in the same place.

  3. Hey, I’ve thought about making the move. The only thing about WordPress is not being as easy to follow. Let us know how you like it. Also, are you gonna move your old posts over? If so, I’d like to know how easy/hard that is to do! Okay, guinea pig–get busy!

    • i’ve found if you use google reader, you can follow pretty easily. I follow a few WP blogs, and i just copied the addy into the reader and i get all my notifications there.

      As far as old posts–i just set up an RSS feed in my sidebar of my old posts. I wasn’t sure how to do it any other way. Its in the bottom corner over there——————->

      I made the move mostly because i can manage both of my blogs in one place without seperate email addys and passwords and crap. Blogger *is* easier on a lot of levels–or should i say more intuitive. It’s kinda like the mac/pc argument. It all depends on how your brain works i guess.

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