Nada. Zilch. Bupkis

I’ve been trying to come up with something witty and intelligent for days now.


I’ve got nothing.

Other than Bridesmaids is the funniest fucking movie i have ever seen.


Benji has been acting, well, normal for him.  So nothing new to poke fun at report.

The Old Man hasn’t had any hilarious farting lately. So, nothing there. (*note to self–feed him more beans)

The dog has not changed his routine of napping, eating, stealing food from the boy and napping more.  The sun hasn’t been out enough for him to sun his junk as he prefers during the summer months.

In short, this is currently the house of boredom.

and it’s been kinda nice.

But now i’m done with that.

Inspiration?? where are you??


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2 thoughts on “Nada. Zilch. Bupkis

  1. Yeah, I got nothing either. Maybe we should start posting movie reviews??

  2. I also have lost my creativity for comments now. Doh.

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