Hater Humpday #5

In keeping with my slothful, non creative week, this entry should prove to be a little pathetic

i hate:

  1. having to capitalize the letter I–seriously, shouldn’t that be auto correct in EVERY word processor around?
  2. tapioca
  3. getting ill right when you’ve caught up on all housework, knowing that as you lay in bed, NOTHING will get done, and you will have 3x the work waiting for you when you are well enough to push the start button on the washing machine again.
  4. being sick.
  5. passive aggressive BULLSHIT
  6. having to wonder if what you just read/heard was passive aggressive.
  7. small keyboards
  8. mouthbreathers
  9. the fact that getting ANY kind of service in this state–at least through the Regional center–seems to take up to 6 months.  I started the ABA process in JANUARY.  i am STILL waiting to get a therapist in this house.
  10. that piece of shit computer of mine that keeps breaking down
that should cover it for this week.  I’m going back to bed.
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3 thoughts on “Hater Humpday #5

  1. Someone’s having a bad week!!

    Yeah, I hate services here too. At least you guys get ABA through the regional center. It’s not provided in this state, so we’d have to pay out of pocket, which is big bucks.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. At least you’re sick in a clean house, not a dirty one. Well, at least for now.

    • yes–CA may be a lot of things, but it’s a great state for Autism services. (once you find them)

  2. There are pretty much zero services here in WA state, unless you pay privately. They are even closing our early childhood center here in our district. What there seems to be a lot of though are phone numbers to information clearinghouses. I’m building a collection of those. Every time I call a place to ask about services, they give me more numbers of places to call about services, and it goes on an on. We got approved for the DDD but only for non-paid services, and they included what appears to be the master list of phone numbers to call about services. But due to budget cuts, none of the phones appear to be staffed any longer. So I’ve deduced that our DDD eligibility award is simply meant to serve as a memento of these times. For the baby book? Or maybe I’ll just frame it.

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