Hater Humpday #6

Its time for another installment of Hater Humpday.  This week’s episode is brought to you by celebrity hate.

I Hate:

1.  That people take Gweneth Paltrow seriously.

2.  Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.  Seriously with the flappy hand and apparantly drunken lisp?

3.  Sarah Jessica Parker.  No reason.  I just hate her face.

4.  That gay actors have to hide their identity if they want to land good roles.  Although i suppose that says something for their acting ability.  OR not.  ex: tom cruise.  Who does he think he’s fooling?  really?

5.  That Snookie is published.  And that people actually read it.  Or is it a picture book?

6.  That Christopher Walken doesn’t make more movies.

7.  That Network television doesn’t give the good shows a chance, but yet lets the crappy ones go on forever.

8.  That i’m no longer a part of the prime demographic.  (no, it is NOT time for me to watch CBS on a more regular basis.  SHUT IT Andy Rooney!)

9.  That some celebrity children grow up to be household names for no reason other than their vapid existence.  NOT hot.

10. That anyone would think spending a day with Nicole Richie would be a grand prize and NOT a day of sheer torture.

Ok, i’ve hated on enough skinny bitches for one day…

[UPDATE]–my husband informed me that  i am still part of the prime demographic–18-49.  So, as a 40yo i’m supposed to *like* One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl?

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8 thoughts on “Hater Humpday #6

  1. Don’t get me started on #5. I have decided that I would totally be published by now if it weren’t for reality TV “stars”. OK, that is probably delusional, but it will not stop me from hating on them.

  2. See #3…I feel that way about Drew Barrymore. Hate her, just cuz.

  3. Candice

    Agreed EXCEPT for #2. Depp as Sparrow is great. I do think he is overpaid though- as are actors in general. I hate that they are canceling All My Children, but that there is and ever was a Jersey Shore show. And Flannery, don’t be hatin’ on Drew. =)

  4. #7 Arrested Development. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Mom

    I think they need to change their formula for demographics. I don’t know too many 30-40yo who like the “teenage angst” shows that seem to be so prevalent. When will they bring back real drama? Oh, yeah Gene Simmons just needs to stop.

  6. I hated John Edwards before everyone else did. That hair combing thing. Ugh.

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