Girls night

A few nights ago I got the chace to actually LEAVE the house WITHOUT any of the males in my household in attendance.  That’s right.  Girl’s night.

We are “industry” folk, (that’s LA speak for the TV/movie industry), as are most of our friends, so my girl Krista, as a member of the Academy (yes, THAT academy) had invites to free screenings of Bridesmaids.  And since I seem to be the most irreverent, foul-mouthed chick she knows, she figured I would be the perfect companion.

I’m not gonna waste your time reviewing the movie–there are plenty of reviews out there–90% of the good or better.  The other 10%?  Utah.

But i will say, it was the funniest fuckin movie I have seen in FOREVER–and I’ve seen a lot of movies (remember–industry folk).  At the end of the movie, as credits were rolling, Krista and I were simply trying to stop crying and BREATHE we were laughing so hard.

[aside–another girlfriend of mine introduced me to a German word that summed up a lot of what I felt during this movie:  fremdschamen.  It’s the embarrassment you feel for the characters on the screen–so uncomfortable you would think it’s your own. It’s the reason I can’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.  But I was able to muddle through.]

But not only was it a great flick, it was a reminder of the importance of sorority in your life–and no I do NOT mean anything with a greek letter or keg parties–although I’m sure Krista and i could still hold our own.  While Krista is a mommy-friend, we were also friends before babies.  And her presence in my life at key moments has been very important.  And while we don’t get to hang out all the time, when we do we are reminded of this weird sister-bond that we’ve had for some time.

Now I will say, I’ve never had many female friends.  Honestly, I don’t know why.  Oh, I could give some excuse about being too beautiful and the bitches are just jealous of my tremendous cans, or whatevs–but who knows.  It’s not because I am a manly girl–I only have a few male friends too.  All I know is that I have little patience for drama or scheming, and anyone who brings that into my life usually departs from it shortly thereafter.  Women just tend to fall into this category more often I guess)

Over sushi we bitched about our husbands’ little quirks and idiosyncrasies, how little we see of them sometimes (again–industry) and taking a moment to long for the pre-baby relationships we once had with them, and to admit what wonderful fathers they have become.  We talked about household budgets and making ends meet, of going back to work, (her) and staying home to work (me).  But mostly, we just talked.  TALKED.  As in sharing conversation with one another over food and beverage. Merriment.  Communication.

And I came home relaxed (and no we didn’t even drink!) and grounded.  As important as it is to have that connection time with your old man, it’s equally important to connect with your sistas–in person or on the interwebs. you with me girls? holla!


We weren’t that close when my Old Man asked me to marry him, so she wasn’t in my bridal party at the time. But if i had it to do over again, she would be right there, in some god-awful taffeta creation, arranging my train, and making faces behind my back–’cause that’s how we roll.

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10 thoughts on “Girls night

  1. Holla!
    I saw Bridesmaids FINALLY on Tuesday. I laughed my ASS off. I could totally identify with Wiig’s character. Everyone had something to bring to the table.
    And, for the record, I ADORE you. I think anyone who is lucky enough to have you as a friend is damn lucky.
    So thanks for your friendship, your laughter during my kids “ticking frenzies” and so on.
    I will block traffic if you ever need to relieve yourself right there, promise

  2. That movie was the funniest I’ve seen all year! So great. Girl time is so important–I think especially after you become a mom. Now I wanna go see that movie again 🙂

  3. Candice

    Not being a fan of the “chic flick” or predictable wedding movies in general, I wasn’t planning on using 90 minutes of my life to see a movie called “Bridesmaids”, but you have changed my mind. Glad you had a night out, too.

    • Candice–this could be called A LOT of things, but chick flick is not one of them. The only thing “chick flick” about this movie is that the main characters are female–other than that, nada. Think “the Hangover” but with girls.

  4. Love your post and yes communication face to face is getting rarer! just stopped in from Mama Kat to say hi and good post!

  5. Patricia


    Some day I am going to get around to seeing that movie!!!!

  6. Holla! Can’t wait to have face to face time with you!

  7. I totally relate, sisterhood is hard to find and priceless when found. Lucky you!!

  8. I’m glad you got to have a night out. I also have a sister friend, and you’re right–she’s priceless.

    I might have to watch Bridesmaids.

  9. You’re featured on today’s blogger face off on my blog!
    Thanks for participating!

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