Hater Humpday #11

So it seems the world has lately decided to pile on the Special Needs community with absolute nonsense in an atttempt to distract us from the current Debt-Ceiling debate.  Well, it’s not going to work Universe.

Ok, maybe a little.

I mean, I don’t even read GQ--so that hasn’t proven much of a distraction until this morning where i have already read 5 posts on the topic.  If you don’t know (like me 20 minutes ago) some asshat wrote an article about Boston’s lack of fashion style, saying: “Boston suffers from a kind of Style Down Syndrome, where a little extra ends up ruining everything.”  And in the first edition of that story (since changed) there was a reference that this was due to fashion “inbreeding.”


I mean, really?  I realize that Boston is not a fashion mecca–but isn’t fashion a little overrated anyway?  I mean, who really cares about clothes only skinny girls get to wear?  Ok, i admit, i care a little.  But not so much to degrade and ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE, including my niece,  because the people of Boston don’t give a wicked fart that their shoes don’t match their pompadour.  Unless, of course, they mean, like Dr Brian Skoto pointed out, that the people of Boston, when it comes to fashion are the most determined, tenacious and loving of anyone in the fashion world.  But somehow, i dont’ think that was their original intention.

And then there is Allen Francis, former editor of the the DSM-IV who claims that the sharp rise in autism diagnoses in the past decade is because–wait for it–its the new “fad diagnosis.”   Like teacup chihuahuas and skinny jeans.


I mean, sure.  The diagnosis is on the rise.  But its not as if its being hawked on TV like some sort of new chamois cloth that would even clean up hooker blood.  I don’t see Neurotypical parents eyeing my kid’s meltdown at Ralphs with some sort of envy.  Its not like Parents Magazine is knocking on my door wanting to document how my son’s anxiety can turn everyone in this house into a crazy person–dog included.  I don’t see TMZ lurking in the bushes snapping photos of our trip to the therapist.

But like any cynic, i’m still waiting for the third installment of this national side show.  Who’s gonna get picked on and dehumanized next?  Cause that’s whats happening here.  When you pick a group of people, and refuse to take their situation seriously, you take away their humanity. 

Look, i’m not saying that there isn’t a place for comedy in the world.  Lord knows i pick on stupid people more often than naught.  But the stupid can change their label.  Someone with Downs or Autism CANNOT.

My husband once told me there used to be an unspoken rule about roast/insult comedy.  You picked on a person’s actions–not on things they cannot help or change.  You know, like David Hasselhoff’s acting career, or Charlie Sheens’ cocaine hobby.  Or like some journalists’ ability to think through their fucking statements.

so who’s next, universe?  The paralyzed?  cancer victims?  Hunchbacks and kids with cleft palates? Cause, if you drop one more on us, i believe an economy sized can of whoop ass with your name on it is gonna get opened up…

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4 thoughts on “Hater Humpday #11

  1. *standing ovation*

  2. I feel like I should be offended by the Boston thing as a whole, but just the DS piece is offensive. Seriously, I have no fashion sense, but journalists can’t come up with a better analogy??? This is what colleges are pumping out these days? Sad, very sad. And Allan Frances can kiss my ass.

  3. WELL SAID. The ignorance of people amazes me. I believe there is a special place in Hell for those that make fun of people with special needs.

  4. You know, I’m actually less offended by stupid references from hacks that write about fashion (because writing about fashion is about one step away from standing on the sidewalk in Hollywood with a camera and telephoto lens) than I am from doctors that demean people. I’ve already left a comment for that fuckwad, Allen Frances. Scumbag that he is.

    Of all the parents crying themselves to sleep, bankrupting themselves for therapy sessions, and trudging through life as the living dead, I’m sure they were just overjoyed to get their kid on the “A List” with that uber-cool diagnosis.

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