Saturn Returns

Now, i’m gonna talk about astrology here, and if you don’t like it or think it’s hokum, i don’t care.  As a precurser, let me say i don’t hold to any daily drivel published on newsprint or generic uselessness that could apply to anyone.  I do however feel that the stars and planets play a part in our lives–observable or no.  There is a reason these beliefs transcend many cultures, and some of it can be eerily correct.  Example:

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about Amy Winehouse.  Like many creative folk, she died at 27.  Which astrologically actually has some significance.  You see, this is the time in your life (the late 20’s) that the planet Saturn returns to your chart.  Saturn is the bringer of change–and not just, “oh, i’d like to wear blue instead of purple” but rather a slap upside the head, hit rock bottom, grow up OR ELSE call that many of us have lived through.

Think back to your late 20’s.  Did anything happen to change your life?  Any major changes?  Did you find out your boyfriend of umpteen years had been cheating on you?  Did you dramatically lose weight?  Decide to teach in an area far away so that you could start your life over?  You might say i’m familiar with Saturn’s MO.  And i suspect many of you are as well.

For many people the return of Saturn marks a dramatic change.  And if you fight that change, it can be detrimental.  just ask Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison.  Oh, wait.

Yeah.  Where their counterparts made it past this difficult time to grow and mature, these artists met the ultimate change, by choice or by accident.  but even those “accidents” happened because of poor choices.

Growth is tough.  People always say they want to grow–but if they knew the steps they’d need to take to grow, they might change their mind.  But think of the times when you really grew as a person.  I’d be surprised if it was the result of a good time…

So goodbye Ms Winehouse.  I’m sorry this life didn’t give you better choices, and i’m sorry Saturn dealt you the ultimate blow.  Perhaps your next go-around will be different, and you’ll be ready when he rears his ugly head again.

and btw–Saturn returns more than once.  It’s about every 28 years depending on your chart.  So even if you were lucky enough to survive his first visit, i suggest you prepare yourself to see him again in your late 50’s.  and if you’re even luckier, your early 80’s as well.  I hear he likes bologna.  And yoo-hoo.  I’d just set out a buffet if i were you–he likes to stay a while…

Mama’s Losin’ It

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5 thoughts on “Saturn Returns

  1. Mom


  2. Love this – beautifully written!

  3. But think of the times when you really grew as a person. I’d be surprised if it was the result of a good time…

    Oh, I think you are absolutely right about this.

  4. I need to prepare for Saturn’s return in a few years. I got married when I was 27 so hopefully the next round of change will be just as positive. And you reminded me I need t dig out my astrology books, too!

  5. Stupid Saturn!

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