Hater Humpday #13

You know what I hate?  Hate.

(I realize some may find this ironic, but then you prolly haven’t read any of my previous entries.  Because if you have, you’d know that the “hate” I profess almost every Wednesday, is not hate, per se, but rather a laundry list of annoyances.  But as none of our days start with A, and I don’t want to wait until “annoyance April” to air my grievances, you will, I hope excuse the semantics here of the use of the word Hate.  There’s hate and there’s hate.  Anyone with a brain knows the difference. I hope.)

This woman was called, by someone of my acquaintance,  the “nicest lady on the planet”


This same crazy eyed freak who claims that some of my other friends don’t qualify as a FAMILY because of their sexual orientation?

The nicest?  Really?

What, because she didn’t call them fags or threaten to string them up?

I do NOT understand how people with this kind of hate can get so popular.  Her views on the subject are clear, and I for one find them offensive.  I don’t care what the loudest voices in this country have to say, we are NOT a christian nation, we do NOT use the bible as the foundation of our laws and we do NOT have the right to dictate the morality of the majority.  Hate is hate–and trust me, I am an expert here.  Taking away people’s rights because you find their lifestyle “uncomfortable” or you would rather they just do that sort of thing “behind closed doors” is no different from making people of color use alternate restrooms or seating. And if you think it is, then I hope you won’t mind if I decide to categorize you as someone who likes to prance about in a white sheet in order to protect southern womanhood–because frankly, as ridiculous as you may find that thought, that’s how I feel about people who hate on the homosexual community.

Tit for tat, my friend.

That being said, I’m sure Ms. Bachman may very well be a nice lady, with pleasing manners.  Even wives of Klan leaders had impeccable manners.

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One thought on “Hater Humpday #13

  1. YES. exactly this.

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