She’s crafty, she gets around…

I always knew the Beastie Boys were rappin’ about me.


A few weeks ago i made an awesome stupendous the bestest most amazing mug cozy in the WORLD.  Ok, on the west coast, for my friend Jillsmo over at Yeah. Good Times.  An awesome gal needs an awesome mug accessory.  ’nuff said.

Anywhores, she made my job easy today by blogging about ME, which is the next best thing to actually bloggin myself.  So you should go read her awesome post, and in turn bask in my awesomeness.  Or mediocrity.  or at least take a moment to say “oh, that’s nice, dearie” as you gaze upon my old lady skills…

and then take a walk around her crazy brain and discover that she may well be my own jew-fro twin sista from another mista. Or someone who is just similar to me in a number of ways–mostly in drug usage.  Except she’s funnier.  And blogs more often because she’s awesome like that and obviously didn’t inherit the lazy/distracted by shiny things gene.

Drink on!  I expect to see that cozy in good usage during #wineparty.

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3 thoughts on “She’s crafty, she gets around…

  1. I am the greatest whorer ever.

    Wait. Did that come out how I meant it?

  2. Love it! I love to crochet. It’s so relaxing!

  3. I absolutely love the cozy you made for Jill. I will be coveting it.

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