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SOC sunday–High Maintenence



I had a client yesterday describe her MIL as “high maintenance” and it’s had me thinkin.  I’ve never understood high maintenance(from here referred to as HM).  You know–people who take a lot of “work” to be around?  This isn’t to say i don’t have any friends who aren’t HM–although not many–and now that i think of it…, or that i haven’t have a moment or two of HM myself.

But there are women (and some men) who kinda pride themselves on being known as HM–and shit gets DONE for them. I ran into this prior to my wedding (in 2006) when my hairdresser discovered that she her gift of doing wedding hair for me also happened on the same day as another bride with the same gift.  One of us was high maintenance.  Guess who did 90% of her own hair on her wedding day?

(it still looked awesome–no worries)  See?  i did it right there.  A HM girl woudl say–Oh the horror!  it never looked right!  Thnk God there was veil to cover the whole monstrosity!  I don’t know how i even got thorugh my vows!

And i dont’ get that.

But i am insanely jealous of the attention these women get.  WHen they want something–IT HAPPENS.  When i want something, well,  it may or may not happen, and only because i get up and do it myself.

And yes–i realize that there is more pride in that, blah blah blah.  But once–just once–i’d like for someone to say, “you know we should do that for Dawn because she’s so easy going” and not the usual–“Dawn will understand”.


So today–take a moment to do something for someone who doesn’t make huge demands on your life–but rather rolls with it and tries (anyway) to make your life easier.  And if you get around to helping me out, that’s cool.  If not, i can handle it.  You can do it another day.  I’m chill with it.  It’s all good.

(DAMMIT! I’m doing it again!)

whatevs. Just get around to it,  K?


my wedding hair–BTW.  My hairdresser DID see me the night before and set my incredibly DOES NOT WANT TO CURL hair in a way that made it curl for two days.  All i had to do was take it out of it’s pincurls, fuss at it and put in the GORG headband i got.  My hair took exactly 10 minutes that day of and kept its curl through the “i do’s” toasts and every boogie.  So it all worked out…

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SOC Sunday: Three-fold return


“Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.” –The Wiccan Rede


I’ve been thinkin alot lately of the energy you put into the universe. Things have kind-of been in the dumper lately for me emotionally–nothing serious, just my usual fall ennui. But i’ve found myself repeatedly cranky, morose, uncommunicative and impatient–more than usual. 😉

ANd i would find myself often rehashing or worrying an old hurt or perceived slight and having arguments in my head and just getting pissier.

seriously–who is this good for?

But the other day i set up my altar for Dia De Los Muertos–and like it always does–as i take time to set up my spiritual house, i am reminded of the simplicity of happiness. (You’d think with that in mind i’d clean up my altar more often…)

In Witchcraft there is a belief–similar to may other faiths–that i posted above. In a sense–what you do will come back to you three-fold–or the threefold rule. You put bad ju-ju out there, it will come back to you in spades. ANd if you make a concerted effort to put the good stuff out there, guess what?

So, I’ve decided to let a bunch of shit go. Here universe. It’s all yours. I will no longer feed that energy, because frankly it’s making me crazy. And instead, I turn to my home, my family and my world and feed it as postively as i can.

(alcohol ridden sarcastic rants withstanding)

I’m not even gonna bitch about the speeding ticket i got this weekend, because it turns out i was speeding. Not gonna do it. (granted i have no idea how much it will cost me yet, so it’s still just a piece of paper in my wallet…)

Hopefully this won’t turn me into some sort of rainbow and unicorn writer. FEllow bloggers–feel free to host an intervention if that ever happens…


this yea's altar...

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Recent Findings

So, the news has been a glut of teleprompter monkeys reading blurbs about studies and recent finds lately. Or at least those are the stories I see when i tune in to the “news” between the child abduction/GOP idiocy/unemployment/hate-mongering that seems to take up a majority of FOX 11’s time.

And frankly–those topics aside–the world can’t look much better from where i’m sittin!

Coffee can help prevent the onset of depression!  Chocolate has been linked to stroke prevention!  IQ test may not gauge Autistic kids correctly (meaning they are smarter than previously imagined–DUH!)!  eating fruits and veggies can combat a predisposition on heart disease! (ok, that one’s not so much fun–and frankly doesn’t really feel like news, but still…SMOOTHIES!)

Well–this all sounds like the perfect world to me! Let me put down my caffe’ mocha and baby greens salad, while my son continues his experiments in Army men in Matchbox™ cars combating gravity, and look about to see what other scientific studies have proven that the world is, indeed, an awesome place to hang out and fart in…

1.  There was a study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science (in case you haven’t gotten your  3 copies yet in the mail) that shows that a 10 year old understands dogs better than adults.  So maybe Lassie WAS telling us something, but as adults all we heard were barks and whines? Little Timmy seemed to know exactly which well someone had fallen down just by a woof or two…

2.  Researchers have reconstructed the genome of the Black Death–and apparently this is important–links to the primal form of all viruses, blah blah blah. Yeah. It’s a good thing i didn’t pursue my interest in medicine, or I’d be rubber-stamping your feverish kids as FINE at the local Urgent Care center.

3.)  Apparently, the longer you sit, the shorter your life will be.  Digest that while i take a quick walk around the block…or maybe I’ll take the car.

4.) News flash to American Women--circumsized men have more difficulty identifying and expressing their feelings than uncircumsized men.  So THAT’s it.  Wait–Jewish men express their feelings ALL THE TIME. (at least the Woody Allen stereotypes do) Either  that particular study might be flawed or Jewish mother’s everywhere have been countering centuries of biologic tendencies…

5.  People who live near public transportationlive healthier, longer lives.  Well, i do live on a direct line to Olvera street where Cadillac Margaritas just HAPPEN to be sold… But have they ever been BEHIND one of those buses? *cough* Thanks for the window-level exhaust pipe, Captain Carcinogen!

6.)  High Fructose Corn Syrup contains Mercury.  Poison.  I’ve been sayin it. Stop eating it.  ’nuff said.

7.)  Pot’s good for you.  Bro. Cuz of reasons and stuff…I forget.

8.)  Apparently people with Autism aren’t concerned about their reputations.  Or, as i like to think of it, are far more GENUINE and HONEST than all the FAKE people out there more concerned about what people THINK about them than to really help people.  *ahem* Unlike the people who work for Fox News.  Oh–did i say that out loud–and TYPE it for anyone with a BRAIN to see?  Jerks.

9.)  Drinking diet soda daily may increase your heart attack risk.  So–for the record–more coffee and chocolate, no more corn syrup and diet soda.  GOT IT?

10.)  Lastly(ok, this one ain’t real recent, but work with me here)–it turns out laughter is indeed the best medicine for your heart.  So hopefully this blog post has been a deterrent for any wayward myocardial infarctions coming your way…

(look it up!)

In the end, all these studies equal one thing in my mind:  Anyone with good grant writing abilities can get the money to fund a study.  So while i will continue my daily coffee/chocolate habit with a little less guilt, i may choose to take some of these other studies and relegate them to where i found them–below the fold.

But someone let me know when they fund a study that says blogging can only benefit your health and outlook on life.  I know a few people who might wanna participate in that one… as long as coffee and chocolate are provided!


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The Halloween That Maybe Wasn’t.

2007 Booberry. Everyone in mommy & me thought he was charlie tuna. morons.

So, i loves me some Halloween.  Hey–i’m a witch.  It’s one of our most holy sabbats.  And, hello…Candy.  DUH. (except for candy corn.  Who eats that crap?)

For those of you who don’t know me, I should point out that  since i’m a crafty gal, i’ve made Ben’s halloween costume every year.  And yeah–i’m a bit of a praise whore in this arena because we’re not just talkin a sheet  or a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat.  I mean a COSTUME–the kind that make people gasp and “awww” and vomit praise, which i humbly admit FINALLY makes me feel like i’m a good mom.  Yeah–i know.  The whole “keeping him alive and growing” thing just isn’t enough.

2008 With daddy dressed up as an organ grinder. huh? HUH?

Ok, sure, there’s a little autism mom jealousy here.  There’s a lot of things my kid can’t do YET, and sometimes–especially around these kinds of holidays, the feats of his neuro-typical peers tend to drown out what he CAN do.  So, is it wrong that i want him to have the BEST DAMN COSTUME EVER.  no.  No, its not.

(ok, maybe a little–but seriously–how CUTE is he, huh?)


This year is…well…it may not be happening for us.

2010--when he understood that he was dressing up as something. And yes, those are official NASA patches.

the back of 2010 costume--lil backpack

See, everytime we mention halloween or trick or treat, or come across the freakishly frightening halloween section at Target, my little guy BURSTS into tears shouting “all done halloween!  All DONE!”

Yeah–i think the spooky/scary/creepy aspects of Halloween finally make sense to him this year and all hopes for a great candy haul have pretty much been put on hold.

those are eyeball peeping out of the feathers there...

I saw this coming last year when he was freaked out my by awesome halloween door wreath:

But also–last year he got spooked.  Every year we go over to his “Auntie’s” house and go trick or treating with her kids since she lives in an actual suburban neighborhood with front doors visible and no massive hills to climb.  And last year, walking by one house, something popped out of the ground with a steamy “SWISH!” and scared the Be-Je-Sus out of him, and frankly, i don’t think he’s ever forgotten it.

Halloween also marks the first school function where the parents come and watch them parade around and then they beat the hell out of pinata.  The pinata he likes.  The rest can apparently suck it.

So perhaps my current fall ennui has to do with the fact that for the first time i am NOT making him a massively amazing and jealousy-inducing costume, and am instead planning on volunteering to be the candy passer-outer at “auntie’s” house.    Because Ben loves to answer the door.  That much has NOT changed.

(and yes, i will have a back-up costume at the ready in case there are any last minute mind changing events.  Not that this is super common in the Autism world, but rule #1 of an Autism mom–be prepared.  Or is it always bring a flask?  i forget)

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I’ve got nothing really. I’ve tried to find something worthwhile to write, only to face the blinking cursor. Seriously. is that thing flirting with me?

Possible writing topics:

1. Ben is improving since we started him on ABA.
–Hardly a newsflash.

2. He has a cold almost fortnightly. Which means I have a cold fortnightly.
–YAWN. *cough*

3. Occupy Wall street.
–who HASN’T written about it?

4. work has picked up a little.
–No need to rub it in to my unemployed friends.

5. haven’t lost a pound.

God’s honest is that i am so apathetic right now, you could shake a big stick in my face (yeah–not what i was gonna write, but whatevs) and i’d prolly just yawn and turn back to my book, or crochet or my pinterest habit.

Fall has this effect on me, and it’s REALLY hard for me to focus or frankly give a shit about anything. Been like this since i can remember. some of you who knew me in my youth would say, but you LOVED halloween.

aint’ halloween yet, is it?


Like, my soul is the color beige right now, and all i wanna do is lay in bed reading trash.

I’ll snap out of it someday. Maybe even tomorrow. but not today. definitely not today.

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