I’ve got nothing really. I’ve tried to find something worthwhile to write, only to face the blinking cursor. Seriously. is that thing flirting with me?

Possible writing topics:

1. Ben is improving since we started him on ABA.
–Hardly a newsflash.

2. He has a cold almost fortnightly. Which means I have a cold fortnightly.
–YAWN. *cough*

3. Occupy Wall street.
–who HASN’T written about it?

4. work has picked up a little.
–No need to rub it in to my unemployed friends.

5. haven’t lost a pound.

God’s honest is that i am so apathetic right now, you could shake a big stick in my face (yeah–not what i was gonna write, but whatevs) and i’d prolly just yawn and turn back to my book, or crochet or my pinterest habit.

Fall has this effect on me, and it’s REALLY hard for me to focus or frankly give a shit about anything. Been like this since i can remember. some of you who knew me in my youth would say, but you LOVED halloween.

aint’ halloween yet, is it?


Like, my soul is the color beige right now, and all i wanna do is lay in bed reading trash.

I’ll snap out of it someday. Maybe even tomorrow. but not today. definitely not today.

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3 thoughts on “BUP. KIS.

  1. I feel ya, sister

  2. Mom

    Yeah, I remember these times. Then about two weeks before Halloween you would perk up and start decorating, even in your college years. I miss that.

  3. 1. Woohoo!
    2. heh. . . fortnightly is charming. I wish i could get away with saying fortnightly.
    3. I haven’t. . . I’m still not sure what they’re doing there. But I know they’re against corporate greed. So. . . good show!
    4. Woohoo!
    5. Meh.

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