The Halloween That Maybe Wasn’t.

2007 Booberry. Everyone in mommy & me thought he was charlie tuna. morons.

So, i loves me some Halloween.  Hey–i’m a witch.  It’s one of our most holy sabbats.  And, hello…Candy.  DUH. (except for candy corn.  Who eats that crap?)

For those of you who don’t know me, I should point out that  since i’m a crafty gal, i’ve made Ben’s halloween costume every year.  And yeah–i’m a bit of a praise whore in this arena because we’re not just talkin a sheet  or a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat.  I mean a COSTUME–the kind that make people gasp and “awww” and vomit praise, which i humbly admit FINALLY makes me feel like i’m a good mom.  Yeah–i know.  The whole “keeping him alive and growing” thing just isn’t enough.

2008 With daddy dressed up as an organ grinder. huh? HUH?

Ok, sure, there’s a little autism mom jealousy here.  There’s a lot of things my kid can’t do YET, and sometimes–especially around these kinds of holidays, the feats of his neuro-typical peers tend to drown out what he CAN do.  So, is it wrong that i want him to have the BEST DAMN COSTUME EVER.  no.  No, its not.

(ok, maybe a little–but seriously–how CUTE is he, huh?)


This year is…well…it may not be happening for us.

2010--when he understood that he was dressing up as something. And yes, those are official NASA patches.

the back of 2010 costume--lil backpack

See, everytime we mention halloween or trick or treat, or come across the freakishly frightening halloween section at Target, my little guy BURSTS into tears shouting “all done halloween!  All DONE!”

Yeah–i think the spooky/scary/creepy aspects of Halloween finally make sense to him this year and all hopes for a great candy haul have pretty much been put on hold.

those are eyeball peeping out of the feathers there...

I saw this coming last year when he was freaked out my by awesome halloween door wreath:

But also–last year he got spooked.  Every year we go over to his “Auntie’s” house and go trick or treating with her kids since she lives in an actual suburban neighborhood with front doors visible and no massive hills to climb.  And last year, walking by one house, something popped out of the ground with a steamy “SWISH!” and scared the Be-Je-Sus out of him, and frankly, i don’t think he’s ever forgotten it.

Halloween also marks the first school function where the parents come and watch them parade around and then they beat the hell out of pinata.  The pinata he likes.  The rest can apparently suck it.

So perhaps my current fall ennui has to do with the fact that for the first time i am NOT making him a massively amazing and jealousy-inducing costume, and am instead planning on volunteering to be the candy passer-outer at “auntie’s” house.    Because Ben loves to answer the door.  That much has NOT changed.

(and yes, i will have a back-up costume at the ready in case there are any last minute mind changing events.  Not that this is super common in the Autism world, but rule #1 of an Autism mom–be prepared.  Or is it always bring a flask?  i forget)

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3 thoughts on “The Halloween That Maybe Wasn’t.

  1. I love your blog. This is just what its like at our house. I always go all out for Halloween. I have my boy dressed up and looking awesome and just let him blend in with the typical kids. Last year I stopped decorating the house because it started to freak him out. This year my husband and I were thinking about just dressing up and walking around the neighborhood like weare trick or treating without actually going to the door. If one scary thing popped up he would freak. We figured we’d enjoy just blending in with the other families in costume and call it successful if our man was happy hanging out with us outside!

  2. I don’t think there’s any law against making him yet another kickass costume and just having him wear it around the house. Although it might seem a little like kissing your sister (as the saying goes).

    The costumes are pretty sweet.

    Spirit the Halloween Superstore is probably not the place to take your little guy. There are undead zombies animatronically dragging themselves across the floor, drooling green goo, chuckling insanely, and trailing spinal cords behind them. Sometimes even *I* get freaked out shopping on Halloween.

  3. Come to my Target. Nothing creepy about it. As long as my co-workers aren’t back there. 😀 You know, Ryean was about the same age when he was trick-or-treating (I was sick) and he FREAKED out as he walked by a jack-o-lantern after getting his candy and the motion sensor triggered ghostly noises. It triggered on his way to the door, but in his sugar frenzy, he didn’t notice. He was so freaked he had to stop trick-or-treating right there. I think jack-o-lanterns still scare him. And he’s neuro-typical…if you can even call him that. At least you know your son has bigger balls than my brother. 😉

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