SOC Sunday: Three-fold return


“Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.” –The Wiccan Rede


I’ve been thinkin alot lately of the energy you put into the universe. Things have kind-of been in the dumper lately for me emotionally–nothing serious, just my usual fall ennui. But i’ve found myself repeatedly cranky, morose, uncommunicative and impatient–more than usual. 😉

ANd i would find myself often rehashing or worrying an old hurt or perceived slight and having arguments in my head and just getting pissier.

seriously–who is this good for?

But the other day i set up my altar for Dia De Los Muertos–and like it always does–as i take time to set up my spiritual house, i am reminded of the simplicity of happiness. (You’d think with that in mind i’d clean up my altar more often…)

In Witchcraft there is a belief–similar to may other faiths–that i posted above. In a sense–what you do will come back to you three-fold–or the threefold rule. You put bad ju-ju out there, it will come back to you in spades. ANd if you make a concerted effort to put the good stuff out there, guess what?

So, I’ve decided to let a bunch of shit go. Here universe. It’s all yours. I will no longer feed that energy, because frankly it’s making me crazy. And instead, I turn to my home, my family and my world and feed it as postively as i can.

(alcohol ridden sarcastic rants withstanding)

I’m not even gonna bitch about the speeding ticket i got this weekend, because it turns out i was speeding. Not gonna do it. (granted i have no idea how much it will cost me yet, so it’s still just a piece of paper in my wallet…)

Hopefully this won’t turn me into some sort of rainbow and unicorn writer. FEllow bloggers–feel free to host an intervention if that ever happens…


this yea's altar...

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4 thoughts on “SOC Sunday: Three-fold return

  1. blogginglily

    Good luck with that. I have a tendency to allow stress to accumulate and then let it all go. A perfect example of this would be golf. I used to really really be competitive about golf. As an adolescent, bad shot after bad shot eventually ramped up until I sent the offending club sailing through the air to shouted curses and. . . just like that. I stopped giving a shit about golf. I have never given a shit about it since. In that sense, it was a lasting change. . . a “letting go” of negative feelings. . . BUT. . . it was golf. Who really cares about golf??

    The negatives that hit me hardest are the ones about which I’m most passionate. . . my children, for example. They can effortlessly lift my spirits so high one minute, and crush an entire day’s mood the next.

    If you can successfully let go of the negative. . . let me know how you do it!

  2. If you start writing about glitter, I will hunt you down. Don’t make me smack you with a sock full of nickels.

    But hey, being positive is a good thing, and karma, and those kinds of stuffs and things, and ju-ju…ya know, whatever.

    But I agree, don’t carry that baggage around. It’s not good for you. You just bring that baggage write here and dump it out, with curse words and funny picuturs.

    I like your shrine, very nice!

  3. Fadra

    Okay. The whole witchcraft thing kinda freaked me out but besides that, I’m a total believer in what you put out to the universe is what you get back. I always take the high road and it’s come back to me time and time and time again.

    Yeah, that speeding ticket? It sucks. But yeah, you were speeding. Deal with and move on. But next time, don’t get caught 😉

    • Don’t let witchcraft freak you out! We are just as peaceful and loving as any other tradition. The reason I am so open about my faith is so that people STOP freaking out or thinking we are sitting around a cauldron zapping people with magic wands. Its just an OLD tradition, that has had MANY enemies throughout history. Take all the stereotypes you’ve seen and throw them out. We are soccer moms, homemakers, artists and CEOs. And the core of our faith is to harm none. Which is a tenet I (and others) take very seriously. Blessings!

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