SOC sunday–High Maintenence



I had a client yesterday describe her MIL as “high maintenance” and it’s had me thinkin.  I’ve never understood high maintenance(from here referred to as HM).  You know–people who take a lot of “work” to be around?  This isn’t to say i don’t have any friends who aren’t HM–although not many–and now that i think of it…, or that i haven’t have a moment or two of HM myself.

But there are women (and some men) who kinda pride themselves on being known as HM–and shit gets DONE for them. I ran into this prior to my wedding (in 2006) when my hairdresser discovered that she her gift of doing wedding hair for me also happened on the same day as another bride with the same gift.  One of us was high maintenance.  Guess who did 90% of her own hair on her wedding day?

(it still looked awesome–no worries)  See?  i did it right there.  A HM girl woudl say–Oh the horror!  it never looked right!  Thnk God there was veil to cover the whole monstrosity!  I don’t know how i even got thorugh my vows!

And i dont’ get that.

But i am insanely jealous of the attention these women get.  WHen they want something–IT HAPPENS.  When i want something, well,  it may or may not happen, and only because i get up and do it myself.

And yes–i realize that there is more pride in that, blah blah blah.  But once–just once–i’d like for someone to say, “you know we should do that for Dawn because she’s so easy going” and not the usual–“Dawn will understand”.


So today–take a moment to do something for someone who doesn’t make huge demands on your life–but rather rolls with it and tries (anyway) to make your life easier.  And if you get around to helping me out, that’s cool.  If not, i can handle it.  You can do it another day.  I’m chill with it.  It’s all good.

(DAMMIT! I’m doing it again!)

whatevs. Just get around to it,  K?


my wedding hair–BTW.  My hairdresser DID see me the night before and set my incredibly DOES NOT WANT TO CURL hair in a way that made it curl for two days.  All i had to do was take it out of it’s pincurls, fuss at it and put in the GORG headband i got.  My hair took exactly 10 minutes that day of and kept its curl through the “i do’s” toasts and every boogie.  So it all worked out…

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8 thoughts on “SOC sunday–High Maintenence

  1. I’m with you on this. I’m not HM either, so I usually get the short end of the stick. I LOVE your wedding dress, by the way–gorgeous.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is funny. I had a friend who got mad at me for, a YEAR later, not making a big deal with her that her hair looked like crap on her wedding day a) Because it didn’t and b) Because I’m not a HM drama queen. Sure, they get stuff done, but they alienate the people around them in the process. No thanks!

  3. I agree! Both of us need to be a bit more HM, dammit!

  4. I don’t deal with high maintenance people very well — I tire of their drama very, very quickly. By the way, your hair was beautiful!

  5. Sarah

    Today should be “you know we should do that for Dawn because she’s so easy going Day”. Since it’s not (damn HM’s), I’m sending you some “commenting love”. Hope it helps.

  6. Gorgeous wedding dress! I’m not HM either and can’t stand HM people. For some reason, I think people may think I’m HM?

  7. Fadra

    I love the wedding dress too! But high maintenance? Not something I’ve ever strived for. I get what you’re saying but the people who would respond to you are the people you probably wouldn’t want around anyway. And oh the things they must say about those people when they aren’t around!!!

    I’d rather people say I’m a nice person than high maintenance.

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