SOC Sunday: Another way to look at it

the holidays are quickly approaching like a garbage turck barreling down the road, and i find myself beginning my traditional gritting of the teeth.  Or is it gnashing?

Now–let me just state here, i am in NO WAY saying that ANY of the holidays should not be celebrated, yada yada yada.  Of course, there will be those that read it that way.  And frankly–that will only prove my point.

Let me state upfront that i am not a Christian.  I got no beef with Christianity, i am just not a card carrying member.  I have discussed my faith a few times here, so I’m not gonna get into it, because frankly–the only thing that matters here is that i am not a Christian.  I am a member of the religious minority.

And we all don’t see christmas the same way.

For some, it is a holiday of idyllic innocence and sweet sentimentality.  ANd for some, it totally is, and Goddess bless them for it.  But let me just lay down how some of us see it.

  • It’s a time to be told we are wrong if we don’t celebrate your holiday.
  • It’s a time to be proselytized because there is obviously something “Wrong” with us.
  • It’s a time to be attacked for what we actually do believe.
  • It’s a time to have our holidays compared, and found wanting.  And told so. ad nauseum.
  • It’s a time to be patronized and pitited–for simply being ourselves, which frankly is insulting.
  • It’s a time in which our kids are made examples of publicly as “different”
  • It’s a time in which our kids have the rampant materialism of the holiday forced down their, and consequently OUR throats.
  • Its a time in which we watch the traditions of OUR holidays taken over and their meanings ignored. (Do YOU know why you have a christmas tree?  I do)
  • And it’s a time in which we have to listen to a the majority BITCH about how put upon they are that they can’t put their religious symbols everywhere they want, and how difficult it is to be them, and the comparisons about Daniel and lion’s dens arise, and those of us with Yule logs, and Chanukiahs, and Kinaras, who know we are obvious targets for placing them in plain sight have to simply smile and nod and say how horrible it must be to be you.
  • And it’s a time to have targets placed upon us if we even utter any of these thoughts.

so, those of you in the majority, who feel there is a “war on Christmas”–look around you.  Your holiday is everywhere.  And ours is relegated to lawns, token sections at the grocery and light shows, or even hidden away in the privacy of our homes–WHERE IT BELONGS  (IMHO)

ANd for those of you who say it is just a secular holiday, well, good for you.  Enjoy it.

Yeah–this got a little ranty.  But maybe–just maybe–you’ll understand some of the ire that the religious minorities face this time of year.  Maybe you’ll understand the demand for a little equity, or to not have your religion shoved down our throat with every tra-la-la.  Or at least, maybe you’ll ask, how do YOU celebrate the season, instead of assuming we do it just like you.

Yeah–this is for the lady who snarkily said “merry Christmas” to me last year  in the nastiest voice possible when i didn’t say it back to her the first time she said it.

Happy HOLIDAYS y’all.  ALL of them.


Ok–that may have been longer than 5 minutes–but it had a full head of steam and needed to be said.  I realize many folk on this linky are in the majority, and may have read me wrong.  and i’m ok with that, because as stated before, i’m a little used to it this time of year.  But if we live our lives in quiet ignorance, we never grow.  Please realize the folks who do not wand a nativity scene in the downtown park don’t hate your religion.  They’re just tired of the obvious inequities we face year after year.

and if you’re still offended, you were gonna be anyway.  so have fun with that.


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10 thoughts on “SOC Sunday: Another way to look at it

  1. Momma Be Thy Name

    Not offended. And it is everywhere. I understand. I’m also a big ‘ol Christmas freak this year for some reason. So sorry for that I guess!

  2. hey, i live with an atheist … its all good and if you feel better now, that is what a brain dump is all about 😉

  3. I am not a card carrying member either! My husband either but he loves the holidays. I feel like a hypocrite celebrating, personally. I do not say merry christmas anymore, I say happy holidays. I just like this time of year to get together with family and friends. My husband says I am mean, because I jokingly say to my daughter who is 13 months: Santa, the Easter bunny,and the tooth fairy are all not real! You most definitely insulted someone. You could have said your favorite color was blue and someone would have been offended! 🙂

  4. Nope, not a member here either. We do celebrate the “bring family together and give gifts” part of Christmas. I also prefer to use Happy Holidays out of respect for their being many other holidays celebrated this time of year. I would actually like to teach my children about all the others, maybe celebrate them too. I’ve noticed over the past few years Christians getting a bit tense about their need to use “Merry Christmas”, like they’ve been told not to. I think that’s it’s fine for them to do so, it’s what they celebrate and believe in, as the Jewish Community should not be shuned for saying Happy Hanukkah and so on. We all need to accept others for their beliefs, everyones! I agree that Christmas is everywhere, too much really and way too soon in the stores. They are the majority so I guess that’s the way it will be. Though I understand your gripe for sure:-).

    I choose to accept everyone:-). Happy Holiday to you. I was wondering if you could share a link to how you celebrate, if it’s something we don’t know of I’d love to learn about it.


  5. We are pretty unconventional ourselves. As atheists, we celebrate Xmas with all the pretty lights and shiny baubles we can, because we’re whores for sparkly things. Seriously, we could say we are paying tribute to the winter solstice, or Saturnalia, but that would be untrue. We do it out of tradition, and because I love the story of Santa Claus and his workshop and elves…it’s a magical story, the kids love it, and it’s a time to reflect on our year and appreciate our loved ones and the things we have. And I love winter, sot it’s a winter celebration. And it’s just fun, from the purely fictional Santa sense of it. But I totally agree with you, I don’t really want to hear about god and jesus and all that. Keep it at home.

    What I hate, what I really HATE, and it’s common here in Texas, is when people say “have a blessed day.” What does that even mean, “blessed”???? It’s like saying “have a day where someone puts a magical spell upon you.”

  6. I love passion, period. And I love rants where passion shines. You did great here… sincere, authentic and saying exactly who you are. No offense taken… even though I happen to love the holiday. Big hugs to you… and grateful to have bumped into you today via SOCSunday!

  7. I love Christmas but what I love about it is all the happy memories it created for me as a child and the memories I hope to create for my son. But I’ve lived in a predominantly Jewish area before (and even worked for a store that was, gasp, open on Christmas)! So I get it. I enjoy my Christmas and honestly don’t care if/how others celebrate.

    As for the retailers? They’re just trying to cash in on the consumerism. Capitalism at its best 😉

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