A New Year’s List

Borrowing a trend from my super amazing SIL Julie, instead of listing resolutions I’d take seriously for maybe a day or two, instead I am going to make a list of the things I LOVE to do and endeavor to do them.  How hard is that?

1.  Sewing.  I would love to be able to get into my studio and sew everyday for hours.  I get inspired when I have a new idea bouncing around in my head and want to work on it NOW.  I suppose it is a godsend to my family that my studio is two floors down and requires actually planning time to go down there.  Because if it were up here, I’d be in there all the time and my family would never see me.

2.  Kitchen Witchery.  I am a self-proclaimed Kitchen Witch.  Sure I have an altar and such where I perform the occasional spell–but most of my Magick happens in the kitchen. Cooking for my family, creating goodies and oils and lotions, etc with solid intentions gives me a sort of peace that i cannot explain.  And, in the end, there is usually bread to consume, which is a solid bonus.

3.  Reading.   If I’m not doing 1 or 2, I am reading.  Anything from trashy novels (a personal indulgence) to sci-fi to classic literature.  ANd I’m sorry you purists, but thank goddess for the Kindle.  MUCH preferred to lugging around a tome, or hiding my Fabio covered trash.

4.  Sleeping.  I don’t get enough of this.  It makes me a little bitter.

5.  Writing.  You’d think this would be higher up on the list right?(although, in all honesty there are no values placed on this list. I’m just writing down what comes to mind.) But i will admit that sometimes writing is more of a compulsion than joy.  And then there’s the critique, public opinion, over edit, back to original draft, oh just hit the dam “publish” button already dance that isn’t always a pleasant drive in the park, shall we say.  But–i can’t imagine a life without some form of writing in it…

6.  Giggling with my son.  ’nuff said

7.  Date night.  Thank Goddess for respite.  And the new movie theater down the street.  And Sushi. And my husband’s complete understanding that sometimes French food is a necessity.

8.  Shopping. I dont’ do a lot of it, but when I have the freedom to browse, peruse, meander, etc, it can be fun.  Provided there are no people in the vicinity.  And by people I mean people.

I was hoping to have a list of 10, but I feel like I’m pushing it already.  Hopefully I will add a few things to this list this year to round it out.  With the new toy gifted to us from my bestie, I will prolly end up adding photography to  the list.

You may have noticed, however a few absences.  You must find it hard to believe that i don’t LIVE for ABA therapy or hanging out with other mommies at the park.  OR laundry.  Since that seems to consume a large portion of my day.  Well, except for the other mommies.  I don’t actually TALK  to those women.  Sneer, yes.

So I suppose the only goal here is to make sure I simply do MORE of the things on my list.  I guess that could be construed as a resolution.  Shouldn’t be too hard to keep eh?  At least it doesn’t involve sweating next to some stranger on an elliptical…

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One thought on “A New Year’s List

  1. I would kill for more time to read. It seems like every time I pick up a book, my husband wants to “hang out.” I call bullshit.

    Which leads me to date night. Yeah, we really need more of those. It would be even better if it was guilt-free!

    Oh, P.S., I tagged you in a meme. Sorry (hahahahaha)!

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