Oh, For the Love of…

As successful as i have been avoiding these things, i’ve been slapped with a restraining order bloggy meme, bestowed up on me by the ungrateful psychotic lovely Flannery over at The Conner Chronicles.

This is called the Sunshine award, which is completely appropos because i am just a bucket of fucking sunshine.  If by sunshine you mean misanthropic snark and hatred of the stupid.


  1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Riiiiiiiiight.
  2. Link back to the Blogger (or Bloggers) who awarded you. See Above
  3. Answer the following questions, down below.
  4. Pass the award out and victimize ten other Bloggers letting them know, of course, that you’ve nailed them.


Favorite Color?  i always go with my stock answer: PLAID.  shuts people up right away.  Makes ’em think yer a nut.  However, i am excessively fond of orange.

Favorite Animal?  When i was a teacher, i let it be known that i liked frogs.  And JEEZ did all the frog crap ever known to the universe find itself upchucked upon my desk.  so much so that i don’t really like them anymore.  Lately it’s been hummingbirds, because those lil fuckers are mean and battle scarred.  I watch them from my front window daily.  They also buzz my tower on a regular basis, and i appreciate their ballsiness.  especially since *I* am the one feeding them.

now that i’ve said that, please do not send me every hummingbird image ever made.

Favorite number?  the ones that would win the lottery.  It’s what we’re all thinkin, right?

Favorite drink?  Before the onslaught of the hipsters and those SITC broads, i used to drink cosmopolitans.  In fact i immortalized my love for this drink in a short story i never submitted anywhere because i suck (and it’s too long)  ahem:

The Ritual.  Silver tumbler. Icy glass. The helpless lime crushed in his Goliath hands.  My Odysseus, conquering my Cyclops with a quick shake and lime twist.  The pink concoction that seems to be my only link to being a lady.  Everything else about me seems to say one tough broad—but here comes that fragile martini glass again, with the pinky thrown out for balance and show.  My mother always tells me that I have always had delicate hands.  Her friends used to come over to watch me eat when I was a child.  She tells me this when she is out with me and wondered who this monster is that is wolfing down the hot wings and what it did with her little girl.

Facebook or Twitter?  I’m on both–and as Flannery pointed out, we all just use them to cross promote our blogs.  I’m on FB more than Twitter.  Mostly because every time i have time to get on the Twits, no one’s there that i was thinking of talking to.  Or the conversations are so numerous and fast that i get lost in the feed.  SO yeah.  Apparently i’m an old woman, so i’m on FB.

My passion?  Passion.  like being into something so whole heartedly that you think of nothing else.  Right now I’m on a sewing bent to make bags–like purses and lil cosmetic bags.  This will change, maybe even today.

Giving or getting presents?  Hello?  Getting presents rock!  But, i will confess i like to MAKE stuff to give as presents.  Giving something store-bought is nice and all, but it’s not as rewarding as giving a gift made by your own hands. (and spit and baling wire)

Favorite day?  During the school year–MONDAY.  the first day i get a break, AND Ben had ABA therapy at home that day so it’s a little easier on me all around.  SOmetimes i even get to sit and have a cup of coffee and READ something.

Favorite flower?  Tulips.  please spare me any “Holland” references.  I like tulips before i had Ben, and before the diagnosis.  I think it’s because i remember my mom planting them outside our trailer in Indy. (yes, we lived in a trailer.)  They were the first flower i remember paying attention to.


Ok this is where i’m supposed to tag other folks.  10?  really?  i think not.

1. First of all my bestie over at Chocolate Wasteland

2.  Amanda at AmandaBroadfoot.com

3.  Kris over at Confessions of  a Pagan Soccer Mom


enjoy people. hah!

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5 thoughts on “Oh, For the Love of…

  1. Congratulations on your award, sunshine.

  2. It’s ON! Stay tuned for my lengthy acceptance speech …

  3. That’s some nice phoning it in you just did there

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