SOC Sunday

Haven’t done this in a while, but since i am up at 4am, hey–why not, eh?



I don’t get it.  I just don’t get it.

I’ve been following a couple incidents quietly involving organizations that say they help Special Needs kids, but then act inappropriately.  One involves bullying and lack of transparency, and absolute VITRIOL spewed by the owner toward anyone asking questions.

You know, the thing they tell us on Sesame street to do when we want to understand something?

And there are two issues here that concern me.  One has to do with taking advantage of parents of Special NEeds kids, but also the blind trust that some of those parents put in people.  The other is the amount of trolling a person is willing to go to.

I don’t know which one bothers me more.

I suppose it is just easy to say, that knowing what kind of douchebags are out there, it makes me never want to donate to or apply for anything from a  charity.  PT Barnum echoes in my head.  But i *get* the desire to help your kid, i really do.  When i see Ben kicking ass, i think, “how much better would be be with A or B?”  But as i have a certain mistrust of humankind, and charities in general, i shy away from them as much as i can.

But what is startling to me is the amount of time effort and absolute HATE someone is willing to spew toward anyone.  The owners of the organization i’ve been reading about has really spewn some ugliness.  Like, name calling, invasion of privacy, libelous HATE.  Toward people just asking questions.  I can get saying something snarky here or there if you feel you are being attacked–but this is downright TROLLING, and is frankly the main reason i am not even mentioning the site itself because i have NO desire to get drawn into it.  Just observing it makes me wanna take a xanax.

THe anonymity of the internet has not improved us as a people, i don’t think.  It gives cowards a very loud voice.  And when cowards have a loud voice, shit happens.  Ask the Jewish population in Poland–oh, that’s right, there aren’t many left in Poland anymore…

I’m off to be nice to someone today. Although i feel (cynically) that me being nice to someone won’t change a goddamned thing.


As a word of warning, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE investigate any charity you feel like donating to or applying to for help.  Do NOT prove Barnum right.  Ask for documentation, ask others who are involved, and if there is a HINT of something wrong, or your gut just says, “no”–then run.  There are plenty of other organizations out there willing to actually HELP others.  And i must say, if it’s a special needs charity, and sounds too good to be true, looks doubly hard.

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5 thoughts on “SOC Sunday

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I couldn’t agree more with every single point you made. People are awful. And people are wonderful. I just wish we all wore badges so we could spot the bad ones a mile away. And the great point you made? If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Be suspicious, be investigative, be proactive, and make sure you put your trust where it deserves to be.

    (and I suspect I know which organization you’re talking about but hadn’t heard that they had responded to the issue in question.)


    *awkward arm wave*

  3. So true! Sometimes being anonymous online give the knives to those who cannot use it properly. They can be downright hateful and mean.

  4. blogginglily

    We try to cover our bases ourselves and then look for those sorts of things as “gravy”. But not everyone has the means to apply that same philosophy.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how truly awful people can be. What happened to civility and good manners? I think part of the problem is the feeling of entitlement that people feel they have in any situation.

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