SOC Sunday: I Still Don’t Get It

#SOCsundayI was a teacher of Social Studies.  World and American History.  Economics and Government.  It was (IS!) a topic i loved.  I once had students make fun of me because i was so hyped up about the Declaration of Independence.  Hell, it makes me weepy sometimes, the sheer bravery and eloquence of the document.

I’ve posted before about not understanding the absolute hate and vitriol posted by some who are ideologically and pollitically opposite of me.  SO i’m not gonna do THAT again.

But this has been buggin me.

When did being an intellectual and a learned person become a sin?  Why is it that politicians have to HIDE the fact that they are educated?

I was raised to believe that the things that made a person good was honesty, a strong work ethic, and KNOWLEDGE.  Yes, i want a politician that is in touch with the needs of the “common man”–but so too do i want one who can read and analyze the scholars of our day and form an INFORMED OPINION based on knowledge and not just “what he feels” (or dare i say, what someone TOLD him he should believe)

I am seeing people supporting politicians who are hateful, racist, bigoted people.  With evidence.  And people are brushing their statements aside as if to say–“well, that’s unfortunate, but gosh i like his foreign policy”


I am not a conservative, so i am watching this as an outsider, if you will.  I get that the choice of candidates is  less than desireable.  But if a bigot is nominated, what does that tell the RNC?

I taught my students that they have a voice.  They grew up in an environment/neighborhood where that voice was continually crushed on a daily basis. I railed at them to make sure they were heard.

But when asshats take the center stage, i don’t know what is angering me more–that they get all the attention, or that others are not rising up in outrage.

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4 thoughts on “SOC Sunday: I Still Don’t Get It

  1. Amen!
    I want someone smarter then me, more educated then me, and more worldly then me in the office of the President and in Congress. It just sounds like a no brainer.

  2. I want not only someone smarter than me, but also someone more compassionate and more dedicated to preserving the freedoms of others.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Our country’s politics frighten me, and they seem to get uglier and uglier with each election. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and a nagging fear that the greatness we once had is over. There is so much apathy, and so much blatant ignorance and willingness to follow the loudest, most marginalizing voice.

    Canada sounds nice.

    • i heard Canada is becoming more conservative…

      I myself am looking for something more…”island”

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