The Most Interesting Boy In Class

So the other day during lil man’s IEP, we got to listen to the teacher wax romantically about how popular our son is in class.  To which I just grinned and smiled.

But apparently, it’s not the typical pretty-boy popularity.  No–when he’s absent, the kids ask, “Where is Benji?”  All day, it seems.  Without him, they have no one to fawn over.

He is, *announcer voice*  The Most Interesting Boy in Class.

I guess whatever he chooses to do during free time, the other kids gravitate over to him to do it too. He chooses “high preference toys.”   Oh, Benji’s playing with trains?  Well lemme drop this finger paint RIGHT NOW.  Oh, we’re on to bikes?  Well, lemme ignore the fact that i am missing a shoe.

He is, *announcer voice*  The Most Interesting Boy in Class.

He’s also got a lil girlfriend:  Isabeau.  She’s adorable and small and I hear Benji is very protective of her.  And his buddy Max, who is also small. (which warms my heart–cause there is one thing this boy is not, and that’s small.  He’s gonna be a BEAST one day.  Nice to know he’s got an internal cuddly bear inside) He also likes to hold hands with Isabeau.  Alltogether now… AWWWWWW.

He is, *announcer voice*  The Most Interesting Boy in Class.

My husband and i have been making up our own commercial scripts for this all weekend.  It has definitely made us giggle.  Benji just looks on like we’re crazy.  I guess we are not, in relation, “The Most Interesting Parents in this House”

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6 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Boy In Class

  1. That’s great that Benji has friends because that can be hard sometimes. The other kids can probably sense Benji’s feelings and are drawn to him.

  2. Mom

    The picture is priceless!

  3. When his sippy cup has a leak, that’s good. At our house it’s when the i-thing dies and the Zombies have not been smashed.

  4. OMG

    *cries with laughter*

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