SOC Sunday: I Love LA

#SOCsundayToday is the LA Marathon.  And all i can think is “SUCKERS!”

I am not, of course a runner.  Never have been.  I tried a few times.  meh.

But skinny folk and rainy weather aside, this day is often the bane of an angeleno’s existence because of road closures.

A few years they brought it up to the valley (i guess so we would feel “included”) and all i can say is that i spent those days cursing the marathon because i couldn’t GET anywhere.

I know, i know–first world problems.

This is a big city.  i mean a BIG CITY.  and honestly–i like that.

I think i always knew i would end up in a big city.  I spent enough time in small towns–which have their appeal, i grant you, but never ENOUGH appeal.  Although in college i lived within walking distance to the bars–and THAT was nice.  but i digress. I always figured i would end up in New York or Chicago–except for the whole freezing weather thing.  yeah, about that…

City livin aint for everyone–but i really dig the hustle and bustle.  I love that there are a gajillion different kinds of restaurants. I love the myriad cultural areas.  I love the food truck explosion!

Yeah–traffic sucks.  and?  Like anyone in a traffic congested area–you learn to get around it.  Hell, i drive a hybrid.  Stop and go just saves me gas$$.

So, marathon aside, i really do love this crazy town.  And while the bucolic cliches may be good enough for some, they mostly wanna make me puke.

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5 thoughts on “SOC Sunday: I Love LA

  1. I am not a runner either. I don’t find anything fun or exciting about the idea of running.

    We have moved from a small-ish town to a big city a few years ago, and still aren’t used to it. But food trucks almost make it worth it.

  2. My great-grandfather and his second wife (my grandpa’s stepmom) lived in LA, and my grandpa lived there when he was a teen. At 17, he joined the Navy with his parents’ blessing and got shipped off to Pearl Harbor. It was 1941, so yeah, I guess you can say he grew up faster than most 17-year-olds. After the war, he lived in California for a short time, but when he and my grandma got married, she made the executive decision that they would move to her small Midwestern hometown. Hence, I was born in the Chicago-ish area.

    I think I would love the vibrant arts and cultural scene in LA, but I wouldn’t like the lack of public transportation or the traffic. Or the earthquakes.

  3. I am definitely fascinated with big towns. I have visited NY and Chicago and loved them but never wish to live there. Where city people might like to get away from it all for a quite vacation – the city is where I like to go.

  4. Chicago gets just like this the third weekend in October. I just love living in a big city for all the same reasons.

    I’m not a runner. Loads of my friends are and I just don’t get it the torture.

  5. Fadra

    LA? No way. No how. But yes, I always thought I would go from the country, where I never felt like I belonged, to the big city. Now I realize I’m more of a suburban girl. I like the FOOD and a little hustle and bustle but then I like to get away from it all.

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