Faces, not data

So the numbers came out yesterday–i even posted on FB about them.

1 in 88.

For boys–1 in 54.

I’m not gonna get on the data train.  I posted the articles on FB as a sort of “heads up” to my neurotypical friends.

But in our community, I fear even discussing the numbers.

We have been so contentious lately–that whatever you feel, you are open from attack from whomever feels the opposite–accused of child abuse, insensitivity, or just plain idiotic moron-hood.

This ain’t helping ANYONE.

Jess, over at Diary of a mom had a great post.  And imma jump on that bandwagon.  It isn’t a political statement, a pro-vax/anti-vax statement, a personhood/autistic statement.  It is simple.

This is my 1 in 88:

Whether or not you take an interest in the new numbers, no matter how these numbers change over time, he will still have autism.

Let us not forget the faces of these numbers.

(especially when they are this friggin cute.  Am i wrong?)


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9 thoughts on “Faces, not data

  1. A men, sistah.

  2. Sooooo friggin’ cute. Love it!

  3. The numbers are startling when you think about it. And your son is so cute. He reminds me of my son when I look into his eyes.

  4. blogginglily


  5. He is so stinking cute!!!!!!

  6. Sticking together and focusing on our 1 in 88 has the best chance of bringing about change in our community.

  7. Not wrong at all. He’s beautiful.

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  9. It’s funny, cause I was just thinking how stinking adorable he was when I got down to your last phrase “especially when they are this frigging cute”. You are NOT wrong!!

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