Special Needs Ryan Gosling

Ryan looked a little pissed this week.  He no doubt had a run in with Ol’ Mrs Frowny McChinwaggles…

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15 thoughts on “Special Needs Ryan Gosling

  1. Jenny

    Kick her Cream of Wheat? LOL! Way to go Ryan!

  2. blogginglily

    haha! Stupid old lady.

  3. As always, awesome. Do it, Ryan, DO IT!

  4. confessionsfromhh6

    Ha! And I thought Jenny said “Kick her IN her Cream of Wheat.”

  5. Baawwww, crap her in her Cream of Wheat….that’s pure awesome.

  6. Still laughing. Ryan went straight “The Help” on her. 🙂

  7. Love this post! Because isn’t that what we ALL want to do in the same situation?

  8. The sad thing is that crap would probably improve the cream of wheat.

  9. lol way to go ryan! also, i’m sorry that this happened to you. rude people suck.

  10. Oh, yeah, Ryan soooo needs to crap in her cereal!

  11. hahaha! Ryan is the best.

  12. dlgreene

    Holy shit that is hysterical!!

  13. extremeparenthood

    Hahahaha! But what if he shits pink ice cream?! #justsayin

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