I’m Looking For…

So, like anyone running a blog, you take time every once in a while to check out the search feature. You know–the words people type into Google when they somehow run across your blog. A lot of mine make sense: funny mother’s day, Ryan Gosling Special NEeds, Stabby, autism resources–these are all things I address or have used pictures to discuss. And, to be honest, I’m sure most of these searches are for the pics–just like my searches for those same pics.

But a few always stand out. This last month is not exception.

I had 2 hits on “i don’t always masturbate”. huh. I guess when they don’t, they need something to do. Why not read my blog? It’s hardly masturbatory material, but it might be a nice change of pace when the lotion bottle runs dry.

1 hit on “kool-aid joke”. OH YEAH.

2 hits on “happy orphans from asylums”. I suppose my kid DOES look like someone from the cast of Oliver!–and those kids break into song and shit, so they must be happy.

1 hit on “nothing feels better than waking up to a bestie’s face”. I’ve tried. I have NO idea what that means.

1 hit on “troll meme what is porn mama” I don’t know about you, but in my head I’m hearing:

but seeing this:


And finally, 1 hit on “man told me he likes floozies…is that intended toward me”. If you are wearing a tube top and drinking a wine cooler, then yes. Yes it is.

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5 thoughts on “I’m Looking For…

  1. Great. Just GREAT! That song will be in my head ALL DAY.

  2. I think the movie is Night at the Roxbury? LOL. I know it is, and I love Will Farrell.

  3. Ever since I did a post on how Alex sent the family a porn QR code my blog will never be the same. Apparently A LOT of sicko’s are looking for a porn QR code. Who knew?

    • ok, so i didn’t know what it was–googled it and your post is like the fourth hit. NICE

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