Special Needs Ryan Gosling

We don’t often have these kinds of meltdowns anymore, but I’ve gone through my share of neosporin… (and Haagen Daas for that matter… *pats rump*) But it IS thoughtful of Ryan to clean up for me…


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10 thoughts on “Special Needs Ryan Gosling

  1. Wine, ice cream, and Ryan. Hells yeah!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Great one!

  3. Oh been there. Whenever parents of typically developed children say “oh my child has bad tantrums too” I just want to scream YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I also want to bitch slap them. I do neither but thinking about it always makes me feel better.

    Enjoy the Haagen Daas. You have earned it.

  4. wine a ice cream, woo hoo!!!

  5. I totally agree with Margaret! You definitely deserve some major Haagen Daas!

  6. I currently have scratches going down both forearms. I feel your pain!

  7. As long as the Haagen Daas is not lime-flavored, I can definitely get with this. ūüėČ

  8. Maria D.

    Great job!

  9. I usually end up getting head butted. Which is kind of not so bad unless it’s in the temple or the mouth. Then I make things worse with sudden movements and loudness. Haagen Daas and alcohol definitely work for me!!

  10. Ryan always has the best ideas. He makes everything better:)

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