Damn You Autocorrect

So, my old man uses talk-to-text on his phone, because he really dislikes the itty-bitty-swipey keyboard.  It was certainly not made for meaty man-paws.

So, as we cast about desparately looking for something to do last night for our date-night, he texts his friend for suggestions.

WHat he said:

“Hey–me and my lady are hittin the town tonight.  do you know of any shows…” (you don’t need the rest–it’s boring)


“Hey–me and my labia are hittin the town tonight.  do you know of any shows…”


well, not TECHNICALLY wrong, i guess…


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4 thoughts on “Damn You Autocorrect

  1. While it may not be wrong, I guess, it’s still not the type of thing you want to say to a friend. And I know what you mean about small letter keys. I can’t type any letter without hitting at least one other one. I guess auto correct can be effective, but labia? Really.

  2. I think it’s nice that he acknowledges the oft-overlooked labia.

  3. I too have a have a hard time typing because my thumbs are wide.

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