I Am.

This was inspired by You Know It Happens At Your House Too!

The idea:  Take the phrase “I am ____” and write on it for 5 minutes.  Yeah–set a timer and all that shizz.  What, i my classroom i once called a “quick write” to keep those lil fuckers busy while i took roll and got my shit together.

Here goes…

I am.

I am a woman, with all the wonderfulness and awfulness that that entails.

I am a mother.

you know where he’s going? Awesome town.

I am a mother of the most awesomest awesome kid who ever rode to town on the awesome train.

I am the mother of a child with autism.

I am tired.  I am frustrated. I am waiting for the day that i can relax.  And i mean REALLY relax, not the five minutes i get from time to time to fucking BREATHE and eat a popsicle.

I am afraid that day will never come.

I am beset on all side by those trying to tell me how to do this.

I am not really listening.  much.

I am, however,  learning.  always learning.  About Autism, about caregiving, about pie crusts, about keeping a marriage working, about how to make my own stain fighters,  about surviving.

I am crafty.  You want it?  I make it. questions?

I am a writer.  always have been.  Since i could put pen to paper.  ask my kindergarten teacher, and the story about the lions…

i am…

i am…

CRAP!  I’m late to wake up the kid for school!  I am outta here!


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7 thoughts on “I Am.

  1. ShesAlwaysWrite

    Dying to know where the cars to Awesome Town are – the combination of a riding car plus Legos would make my Bear’s head explode!

  2. Parents like us sure are a lot of things. And when I think about how small my list was before my son was diagnosed is even more amazing.

  3. Awesome stuff my friend!!!! So great ❤

  4. Crap, I don’t even have anything to wear to awesome town. Guess I’ll stay in Disheveledville. But your kid? He’s the Mayor of Awesome Town!

    • you know what? you get to wear whatever you want to awesome town. that’s why it’s awesome. 😉

  5. LOVE this!

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