Dear Ann Coulter

Or, like I like to refer to you, Cunty McCunterson.

Wow.  just…wow.  You know, I “get” that you get your attention by using shock value.  I understand that every fucking thing you say really has no meaning, or weight, or substance.  I get that you are just some lonely woman who needs the attention, good or bad.  Usually bad. I get that.  And I would give you a patronizing pat on the head any day of the week for that.

But really?

*sigh*  after last night’s debate, you did it.  AGAIN.  

And now no doubt you will trot out a little dog and pony show telling the world you should have used a different word.

Well, I’m going to stand by mine.  Cunt.

First off, it was the most OBVIOUS play to distract from Romney’s obvious loss with your stupid words.

But the second, and most important point.  By choosing that word, not only did you make a cheap shot to get attention, you disenfranchised and entire group of people. And not just liberals this time.  You sent a signal to every one of your fucked up followers that it is open season on people with developmental delays, or any differences, mental or physical.  Your continued use of this word is as insulting as if you called the president the N-word.

Which I suspect is what you wanted to do in the first place.  Cunt.

When you use words like that, you justify the rampant bullying that you and your kind do  to any person with a perceived difference, who may be facing and conquering challenges you would never be able to overcome.

Like this kid:

So while you may applaud Romney for taking it easy on the president–(BTW, is THAT what you would call that? Because, to me,  it looked like someone WEAK on foreign policy being schooled.  But I digress)  I hope the country and ALL the parents of kids with differences throw the fucking book at you, cunt.

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19 thoughts on “Dear Ann Coulter

  1. Well said. But it’s Ann Coulter after all. No surprise.

    Rush Limbaugh lost alot of sponsors because of his comment about Ms Sandra Fluke, thanks to social media. So, we can hope to do the same to this cunt Coulter!


    • right. I’m not surprised in the slightest that she said it. I just wanted to join the backlash that hopefully gets her to lose some sponsors too.

  2. Reblogged this on Athena, Ivan, and The Integral and commented:
    Damn. I had almost an entire post written, and then My ipod decides to crash without saving it! This woman is able to spread her filth because the rest of us except her listeners don’t give a fuck. Well, if we want to send a message loud and clear not only to her but more importantly TO THE REST OF SOCIETY that this kind of crap will no longer go unchallenged, ITS TIME TO START GIVING A FUCK!!!!!!!! Get on social media, write letters to her sponsors, write to newspapers! LET US BLANKET THE NATION WITH OUR OUTRAGE!

    Its more than just some dumb woman spewing hate. She is showing her hatred for an entire group of people (nothing new there) but let us make the result much different! Silence no more!


  3. Really, really hope this backlash goes somewhere. Yes, she needs to lose sponsors. Fox needs to feel our wrath – after all, they are the ones giving her air time.

  4. Your kiddo is adorable. I really hope that she will show some decency and offer an apology (however hollow it might be). I’d love there to be some financial backlash of some kind – losing gigs would be a great start!

  5. So sayeth the Lord!

  6. blogginglily

    yeah. . . this isn’t about her politics. . . it’s about her humanity.

  7. wantapeanut

    I’m getting tired of talking about her 🙂
    Instead I will say how cute your kid is and how right you are.

  8. I can’t stand that woman!



    “Political debate with liberals is basically impossible in America today because liberals are calling names while conservatives are trying to make arguments.”~
    Ann Coulter

  10. I wish I could use the c-word 🙂 Because that is what she is…

  11. AMEN. That is all. AMEN.

  12. prayingforparker

    I would love to see this hit Ms. Coulter where it would actually get her attention: Her wallet.

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  13. Thank you!

  14. Mary

    I didnt write it but I could have. Thankyou.

  15. I am going to listen to that video when I get a chance, Tammy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. frank

    If coulter thinks our brilliant Pres is deserving of an such a negative description, how would she describe “W” ? One truly deserving of such an epithet?

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