Things I Love Thursday: Puppy love

Inspired by the lovely Katy, brewin up Hall and Oates over at I Want a Dumpster Baby…

Since I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday, as I was still in a snit over a certain douche-canoe who shall not be named…  I present this:

“I want to HUG Manny!”

He is really learning to love Manny, and wants to pet him and play with him all the time.  Manny REALLY isn’t on board with this, but since he likes whatever Ben snacks on and doesn’t wanna get hollered at by me if he starts growling, he begrudgingly accepts.

I love this old man.  He was not happy when he brought Ben home–even lost a bunch of weight and such, but he came around once Ben started eating solid food. (go figure)  When Ben cries, he cries–Ben is a member of his pack, and he protects him as much as he protects me or my husband.


Sweet ol’ puppy dawg…

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One thought on “Things I Love Thursday: Puppy love

  1. Mom

    I love that old man-miss him so much

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