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What I Wore Wednesday

sometimes, the truth must out.


I’m joining my girl Lexi over at Mostly True Stuff (you haven’t read it?  you really should.  go do it now.  NOW.  I’ll wait.  *files nails*  Oh, you’re back?  speedreader, huh?  she’s awesome, right?)  for the what i wore wednesday.


I’ve noticed this trend of posting what you wear–and for those people with the cute clothes, and jobs taking them OUTSIDE into the REAL WORLD, y’all look super cute.  What with your hair did, and those eyelashes and the tres chic get-ups!

Alas–THIS *pointing to the cute people* is NOT my Wednesday.

The only reason i am semi put together at all is because i have to drop off my kid at school, and, well, the girls MUST be contained before stepping out in public.  Safety requirement, really. 

So here i am on this glorious Wednesday:


Feel like sharing your get-up?  HEad on over here and join the linky!

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Booker Award

So my Bestie tagged me in an award thingy where i get to name my five favorite books.  Basically it’s passed from writer to writer (blog, author, whatevs) so that we can share our favorite books.

Seriously–picking 5 was impossible.  There are a gajillion more books on my favorite–I picked some that changed me, or set me on certain paths, or that i simply cannot live without…

The Handmaid’s Tale

This book marked my awakening as a feminist.  Not only did it hold all that yummy biblical imagery that i adore–but it was intelligent and scary.  When one or both parties start chipping away at my rights, i remember the lessons of the Handmaid’s Tale, and start hollerin.

The Mists of Avalon

A friend of mine once compared me to Morgaine–and it was the nicest compliment i ever got, in my book.  She was always that perfect flawed hero to me–TRYING to do good, but fighting those emotions that often get the better of her.  Misunderstood.

I love anything Arthurian, but this book and the others around it hold a special place in my heart.

Of Mice and Men

I remember it clearly.  We were assigned this book in 9th grade.  I sat down to read the first chapter for homework–DID NOT PUT IT DOWN UNTIL I FINISHED IT.  George, Lenny–Steinbeck just painted such a story that i couldn’t put it down.  I never had the same luck with any of his other books, but i certainly don’t look at rabbits the same way…

The Tao of Pooh

In my studies for school i read A LOT of religious scholarly stuff.  Most of that stuff–pretty dry and many religious scholars take A LONG TIME to get to the point.

The beauty and simplicity of Taoism in a nutshell.  ANd i still use the Taoist pickle jar opening method–thank you Tigger.  I try very hard to no be a “Busy Backson”, and i worry a great deal like a certain small animal.  Pooh is my reminder to slow down and let go.



Confession–i love trashy sci-fi/fantasy romance novels.  LOVE THEM.  This book is actually the first one i read from this series, and i had to go back to the beginning, and read all of them.  Pure fluff.  with some greek mythology.

(I will admit i love the mash-up of mythology and sci-fi.  It is just more fun in my book)

Like i said–this is just a short list.  There are a gajillion other books i love, and it’s why I love my kindle.  I realize that not everyone loves them–but i love that i can have many of my favorite novels right there, weighing in under 5 lbs. (and don’t worry, i’ve got shelves of “real” books too.  The middle path people–the middle path)

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Dia De Los Muertos

If you know me IRL, you know I LURVES me some Day of the Dead.  It creates a happy spot inside me that I simply cannot explain.  Granted I am fairly OBSESSED with the macabre, but it’s just so…so…Joyous!  And I love that! Instead of moping about lamenting how much we miss them, let’s celebrate the lives of those we have lost!  The altars are a physical example of the love we still feel for the dear departed, and the novenarios and festivals are so happy!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Perhaps it is because that is how I would want to be remembered.  No sitting about all mopey!  Have a drink!  Dance!  Remember the times I made you laugh at inappropriate things or at inappropriate times!  THAT would be a much better time than somber remembrances.

This Year’s Altar

So, here are a few pictures of my dead.  Some i knew–some go further back.  Some were blood relatives, some friends–all FAMILY.  A drink awaits you on my altar!

David Fairfield

My grandfather and his brother Norman

My grandmother


SHERMAN! I miss this dog damn near every day. ya ol’ hound!

My Grandmother and the women of her family.

My Grandmother. (no, i DON’T know where i get it. Why do you ask?)

My grandfather and his brothers and sister

My Grandparents on their wedding day

Pete’s Dad

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