Booker Award

So my Bestie tagged me in an award thingy where i get to name my five favorite books.  Basically it’s passed from writer to writer (blog, author, whatevs) so that we can share our favorite books.

Seriously–picking 5 was impossible.  There are a gajillion more books on my favorite–I picked some that changed me, or set me on certain paths, or that i simply cannot live without…

The Handmaid’s Tale

This book marked my awakening as a feminist.  Not only did it hold all that yummy biblical imagery that i adore–but it was intelligent and scary.  When one or both parties start chipping away at my rights, i remember the lessons of the Handmaid’s Tale, and start hollerin.

The Mists of Avalon

A friend of mine once compared me to Morgaine–and it was the nicest compliment i ever got, in my book.  She was always that perfect flawed hero to me–TRYING to do good, but fighting those emotions that often get the better of her.  Misunderstood.

I love anything Arthurian, but this book and the others around it hold a special place in my heart.

Of Mice and Men

I remember it clearly.  We were assigned this book in 9th grade.  I sat down to read the first chapter for homework–DID NOT PUT IT DOWN UNTIL I FINISHED IT.  George, Lenny–Steinbeck just painted such a story that i couldn’t put it down.  I never had the same luck with any of his other books, but i certainly don’t look at rabbits the same way…

The Tao of Pooh

In my studies for school i read A LOT of religious scholarly stuff.  Most of that stuff–pretty dry and many religious scholars take A LONG TIME to get to the point.

The beauty and simplicity of Taoism in a nutshell.  ANd i still use the Taoist pickle jar opening method–thank you Tigger.  I try very hard to no be a “Busy Backson”, and i worry a great deal like a certain small animal.  Pooh is my reminder to slow down and let go.



Confession–i love trashy sci-fi/fantasy romance novels.  LOVE THEM.  This book is actually the first one i read from this series, and i had to go back to the beginning, and read all of them.  Pure fluff.  with some greek mythology.

(I will admit i love the mash-up of mythology and sci-fi.  It is just more fun in my book)

Like i said–this is just a short list.  There are a gajillion other books i love, and it’s why I love my kindle.  I realize that not everyone loves them–but i love that i can have many of my favorite novels right there, weighing in under 5 lbs. (and don’t worry, i’ve got shelves of “real” books too.  The middle path people–the middle path)

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One thought on “Booker Award

  1. anautismdad

    Interesting variety. My top 5 (including series) and I know I will kick myself ten seconds after I post:

    1) Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco
    2) The Thomas Covenant Series by Stephen Donaldson
    3) The Arthurian books by Mary Stewart
    4) The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse
    5) The First Circle by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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