So, before i list my five, i just have to give a shout-out to the Klonopin Chronicles for this little idea of listing our gratefulness on such a blessed day as Tuesday.  And for making me laugh my ass off, generally, every day.

The list is hard today.  It feels like the house is rebelling against us and breaking down in every way imaginable.  Ok, not EVERY way–but that’s how it feels.


1.  that i have a house to live in, busted pipes or no, and that we can afford to pay a mortgage that will be finished in less than 4 years. (daily mantra when i get tired of budgeting:  just 4 more years.  just 4 more years…)

2.  Holidays and time with the family.

3.  begrudgingly early mornings that allow me to sip coffee, read blogs, post my own shit sometimes, and listen to birdsong.  Even in the heat of summer, it’s the coolest part of the day, and i rarely have to turn on the air.

4.  resourcefulness. Even without the ability to use my kitchen sink, i was able to cook some yumminess.  I mean, it wasn’t foie gras or shit, but i made chocolate pudding bitches–FROM SCRATCH.  Made me feel all pioneery and shit.  except for the whole microwave using and refrigeration… *ahem*

5.  A husband who is the best gift receiver.  My husband has this ability to make you think the gift you give him is the best goddamned thing he’s ever recieved in his life.  EVER.  He is a grateful gift reciever.  Even if you gave him a stuffed monkey butler, or an ashtray made from a pig’s ass, he would say (and mean) “that’s SO AWESOME!” its a skill i try to have (but fail at–really?  ANOTHER sweater?) and it’s nice when i am the gift giver.  we just celebrated our anniversary, and he recieved his gift (a wooden Tiki and an iron turtle) with much fanfare and graciousness.  As far as i am concerned he LOVES them and will put them in a place of honor.

Even amidst hardship, it ain’t hard to come up with 5.  give it a shot!

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